See what our clients have to say about Life Dog Training!

“Caitlin is a dog whisperer. Autumn has done well after just an hour with Caitlin. No more jumping on people, isn’t charging the door and is no longer afraid to get in the car. Great training!”

-Francine Peterson


“Life dog training is really incredible. We are really thankful for Caitlen’s time and attention. She works hard to listen and help you find practical solutions to the training help you need.

We called her a year ago with a 5 month old puppy. We had been dedicated in training him through videos on youtube, ect., but we hit some dead ends with certain behaviors that needed addressing asap. It got too overwhelming to continue to sort through online dog training advice. We spoke to several dog trainers who gave conflicting and extreme advice that was also overwhelming. I am so thankful that a friend referred us to Caitlen. She helped us sort things out simply and effectively. 

She gave us weekly suggestions that helped us (2 parents and 4 kids) with our dog right away. We started off every week and now are using her on an as needed basis with our now 17 month old dog. We are so thankful for everything Caitlen has done to help our family enjoy our dog more and more.

She also helped our dog learn to enjoy life more, as well! The safe boundaries we are teaching him to keep him from being over stimulated by other dogs, animals and people. As a result, he is able to increasingly enjoy his family, other people and other pets more and more.”

-Mandy Robinson

“Caitlin is an amazing dog trainer!! Why it took so long to get professional help, I can’t say. Had we hired her when we first adopted Max, now age 11, we would have saved boat loads of money from all the chewing/ruining of our stuff he did as a puppy!! We have been able to integrate her tips this week to have a spectacular first week with new puppy, Sully.”

-Sherri Danzig

Lab mix Sherri Life Dog Training

“Caitlin is so sweet and patient. You can really see her passion for dogs. She is very knowledgeable and worked on everything I asked. She taught me what to do and how to be a better dog owner. She sent me lots of articles and info to read over so that I could be better prepared for our visits. She always arrived at my house on time and made sure we were able to fit everything in before she left. Thanks Caitlin for your help in training Coco!”

-Michelle S.

German Shepherd puppy kale square

Caitlin from Life Dog Training is amazing! If you are looking for a trainer that will help you with immediate results then this is a trainer for you. My dogs have made tremendous progress in just 4 week! Life Dog Training is highly recommended!”

– Jackie Bryla

“I’ve had a great experience with Caitlin and LIFE so far. Due to distance, we have done most of our training sessions over video call, and the training was still very effective. They also allow us a flexible training schedule and we’ve been able to do one off-sessions just to address a specific issue, which is great. “

-Daniel Lilleberg

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