Skype/Phone Training

Skype/Phone Training


  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • $75 for 1 hour

Do you need help but don’t live close by? Are you looking for a less expensive training option? Skype/phone training sessions are great for those needing help with obedience, simple behavior problems, new puppy training, and proper socialization techniques for your current companion. We also offer consultation for those preparing for a new dog. Some of these services include helping you prepare your home for a new puppy, providing guidance on choosing the best breed and dog for your lifestyle and preferences, helping you find a reputable breeder, and evaluating individual rescue dogs.

Before your session begins, videos, pictures, and descriptions about your current dog’s behavior or your preferences and lifestyle needs for a new dog can be emailed to for evaluation. This information will help us develop a solid training plan for you.  

Facebook Messenger Q & A


  • $25 for ten minutes or less
  • $40 for twenty minutes or less

Do you need just a little bit of training advice? Are you on Facebook? Set up an appointment to have a Q & A session with a trainer live over Facebook Messenger.