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DIY Dog Training


Dog Star Daily

A website full of useful articles and podcasts on dog training, from world renown dog trainer Ian Dunbar, the pioneer of puppy kindergarten and one of the founders of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. I specifically recommend reading the free online books: “Before You Get Your Puppy” and “After You Get Your Puppy” found there.

Dunbar Academy

An online educational subscription resource filled with over a hundred hours of dog training videos, reading material, and so much more. It was created by Ian Dunbar, a well respected phenomenal trainer with a huge list of accolades, experience, and years in the field behind him. There are three subscription options. A basic free one, a more comprehensive one for pet owners for $8 per month, and an even more in depth one for aspiring dog trainers and current trainers who wish to continue their education, for $20 per month.

Dunbar Academy Youtube Channel

Ian Dunbar and Dunbar Academy’s youtube channels, which will be releasing new video content for pet owners in the coming year.

LIFE Dog Training’s Youtube Channel

LIFE Dog Training’s YouTube channel. Where we will release how to, demonstration, fun, and Q&A videos over time.

Aging In Place

An educational website, with information dedicated to helping the elderly decide whether getting a pet might be a beneficial choice for them.


A nationwide dog walking service that is very convenient and well run. They also have several blog sections on their website dedicated to pet owner education, including health and training sections. At the bottom of each health or training article there is also an option to ask a Vet or trainer a question. The training questions are currently answered by myself – Caitlin.

All Things Dogs

An educational website, with articles on dog training and other useful dog related topics. The website link below takes you to an article written by a number of different dog trainers, including myself – Caitlin Crittenden. The article is a compilation of the trainers’ favorite tips for puppy owners. .


Ruffwear Dog Gear

A dog gear retail website which tailors to hiking, swimming, backpacking, and other outdoor activities with your canine friend.

KeKreations Art

Custom Pet Portraits and Digital and Watercolor Artwork by Kirsten McKenzie of KeKreations. Her website is: Her instagram is Instagram:

A wonderful local Pet Photographer in Georgia. Her website is: Her Instagram is:

Primo Pads

Durable crate pads. For strong chewers I recommend securing the pad corners down, through the included slits with the included zip ties, onto the crate wires nearest them, in order to prevent the dog from pulling up the pad to chew on the edges. Also be sure to measure your crate and to order the size pad that correlates with your crate’s size.

Long Training Leashes

Mendota brand twenty-foot, thirty-foot, and fifty-foot long training leads. They are great for teaching recall and other distance work commands.

Kong Classic Chew-toys

Kong chew toys. Durable rubber chew toys that can be filled with softened dog food, peanut butter, and other dog safe treats to teach dogs and puppies to chew on appropriate things and prevent destructive chewing habits. They come in various sizes and durability, with the red ones being the average durability rubber, suitable for most dogs; the black Kongs – their most durable option.

Great portable-sized treat training pouches; with drawstring closure at the top, belt or pant hook on the back, and a poop bag holding mesh pocket on the front. 

Remote Training Collar 

E-collar Technologies EZ-900 E-collar with 256 levels of adjustable stimulation, programmable vibration levels, tone settings and more. I would recommend only utilizing this tool under the direct supervision of a dog trainer who is proficient in its proper use and appropriate training levels. This tool is not to be bought and used out of the box without a solid knowledge of Electric Collar training and canine learning theory. As with any great tool, it can be wonderfully utilized for great communication between dog and owner, or it can be abused. 

Hollow, non-splintering bones. They can be filled with your dog’s water-soaked food and a bit of peanut butter or liver paste, to make them even more interesting.
VirChewLy metal leash. A great tool to pair with umbilical cord training, and to use for dogs who tend to chew on their leashes.
Freeze-dried meat treats. These treats are grain free, soft and easy to eat, easy to break into small pieces for training, and can be used for a food topper for picky eaters. They are also a dog favorite in my experience.



A dog rescue and adoption search website. Petfinder allows you to search dogs available for adoption at multiple rescues and shelters according to breed or breed mix, age, sex, temperament traits, and location.

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