Remote Training

Remote Training

Video/Phone Training:

  • $75 for sixty minutes

Do you need help but don’t live close by? Do you have training questions that could be answered over the phone?

Schedule a video or phone session for help with obedience, simple behavior problems, new puppy training, preparing for a new dog, and proper socialization techniques for your current companion. These sessions are also great for those looking for guidance choosing the best type of dog for their lifestyle.

Email Q&A:

  • $25 per question

Do you need just a little bit of training advice? Pay to have a trainer answer a simple training question over email.

If you have multiple questions unrelated to each other, please send as separate emails.

Live Facebook Messenger Q&A:

  • $40 for thirty minutes or less.

Do you need just a little bit of training advice? Set up an appointment to have a live Q&A session with a trainer, or a training related email answered.

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