Private Training

Private Training

Next Dog Consultation:


One hour sit down consultation, to discuss the client’s lifestyle, needs and personal preferences in a dog with the goal of determining which dog or breeds of dogs will be best suited to that client.

During the session clients will also learn how to assess an individual dog’s profile and temperament. These consultations can also be tailored to individuals looking to adopt a mixed breed dog.

New Puppy Consultation:


In home, one hour consultation between the trainer, the owner(s) and the puppy.

We will be discussing and working on puppy socialization, house training, early obedience and other puppy specific needs.

Single Private Lesson:


In home or on location, private training lesson between the trainer, the owner(s) and the dog. One hour long session.

A free phone consultation before the first lesson is included to discuss the dog’s temperament, training goals, and other pertinent information.

Private Lesson Packages:

$100 per lesson*

Four or more in home or on location, private training lessons between the trainer, the owner(s) and the dog. Each session will be one hour long. 

A free phone consultation before the first lesson begins is included to discuss the dog’s temperament, the owner’s trainng goals and other pertinent information.

Beginner Package will focus on building an initial foundation of obedience. Working on commands such as sit, down, stand, wait, loose leash walking, following, attention and other pertinent information. 

Intermediate Package will focus on proofing known commands to include longer duration and increased reliability around distractions. Working on proofing commands such as long sit, long down, high distraction, reliable come, attention around dogs, people and other exciting stimuli, and on-going socialization. 

Advanced Package will focus on building reliability to an off-leash level. Working towards a reliable, high distraction, off-leash come from a distance; attention and following while off-leash; heeling off-leash, and other advanced commands.

Behavior Problem Package will focus on improving problem behavior(s) specific to the client’s dog, working at a pace determined by the dog’s needs. 

Common problem behaviors include: barking, leash pulling, potty-training issues, destructiveness and unwanted chewing, food stealing, bolting through open doors, chasing moving objects or animals, leash frustration, leash reactivity shyness, fearfulness, under-socialization, and more!

More will be discussed during the phone consultation and at the first session. People related aggression cases may be referred to an aggression specialist if deemed necessary at this time.**

Each Package can be tailored to include the commands you most desire your dog to learn. 

*For all traveling services, $10 will be added for every 5 minutes over the initial 20 minutes in drive time per session. Price per session will be double or triple the session rate, depending on distance, if the client is over 35 minutes from the trainer.

**Due to the nature and complexity of people related dog aggression, it will be at the sole discretion of LIFE Dog Training to refuse training cases that are deemed to be best suited for a trainer that specializes in such cases. This is in part because aggression cases require specific resources that Life Dog Training may not have access to at this time. 

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