Now Hiring!

Now Hiring

Come work with us!

Do You love dogs? Do you value great customer service and enjoy helping others? Do you enjoy problem solving and coming up with creative solutions? Are you open to learning new things and growing in your field? If so, you might be a great fit to work with Life Dog Training! 

Here at Life Dog Training we are looking to hire one to two new trainers at this time. Trainers would have the opportunity to be mentored on the job by Caitlin Crittenden, the Head Trainer here at Life Dog Training, for a period of at least six months, prior to training with clients on their own.

The position would be a 1099 freelance position, where you would set your own hours, meet your own training goals with clients, and have the opportunity to learn from a mentor in the field.

Applicants do not have to have prior professional training experience, but there must be good handling skills, a natural intuition for working with dogs, good communication skills with people, good problem solving skills and the ability to come up with creative solutions, a love for both people and dogs, a desire to help, and a strong desire to study and practice your skills. 

Compensation will be based on a percentage of earnings working with Life Dog Training’s clients, with the potential to increase earnings as you grow in your field.

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To apply, click the blue Applicant Assessment form link below to download either the PDF or Word Document version of the form. Fill out the form then email the completed form to for review.