Life Dog Training - for life with Dogs

Helping families enjoy their dogs by helping those dogs adapt to the lives of their owners.

With an emphasis on teaching dogs how to live with people and teaching people how to better communicate with their pets, Life Dog Training seeks to build relationships by developing communication, trust, and enjoyment between people and their pets.

At Life Dog Training, we believe that the best approach is one that brings together communication, learning, and consistency.

When teaching a new behavior, it is important to appropriately motivate a dog in order to speed up learning while at the same time building a dog’s desire to learn.  It is equally important to transition your dog into real life scenarios where the dog practices what it has learned in every day situations and has the opportunity to work with the owner.  This ultimately builds trust and respect and gives the dog a sense of purpose.

Through practice, you and your dog can both benefit from training which fosters constant communication between owner and dog. 

There is more than one way to teach something new, and often an appropriate combination of things will lead to the desired result. Finding the right approach requires assessing each owner/family and dog to get to know their life situation and find what is practical for everyone.

Private Training

We offer the following sessions at your home or at the location where you are having the issue. We can additionally work with you on most needs outside of these options, simply let us know what you would like to accomplish.

New Puppy Consultations
Beginner Training Package
Intermediate Training Package
Advanced Training Package
Problem Behavior Consultation    Next Dog Choice Guidance

Day Training